Bicycle Platinum Syzygy

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The Bicycle® Syzygy Platinum Edition represents the Darkness of the night and the Brightness of the Moon.

Nothing so profoundly enhances the aesthetic of your performances like a exceptional deck of playing cards.

The Bicycle® Syzygy Platinum is crafted with the finest hand picked materials. The vibrant Platinum Foil fuses with the elegance and eccentricity of the premium Soft Touch Magic Black Stock bringing you a unique deck of playing cards, specifically tailored for professionals.

The Bicycle® Syzygy Platinum is printed with the highest grade of card quality (Q1), and unprecedent attention to detail. The results are visible: Sophisticated flourishes, elegant performances, and top quality handling.

Each deck is Autographed and numbered individually for each customer.


  • Q1 Quality (the highest grade of card quality available)
  • Premium Soft Touch Magic Black box wrapped in Platinum Foil. There's no ink.
  • Each deck is numbered and autographed individually and exclusively for each backer  
  • Embossed Finish Stock
  • Custom-made inks  
  • Limited Edition Foil closure seal  
  • Magic Coating (the cards handle smoothly and last longer than regular decks)  
  • Gorgeous Artwork: 56 Unique hand-crafted playing cards  
  • Quality, durable, Bicycle® stock  
  • Manufactured by the USPCC - worldwide leader in playing cards manufacturing  
  • Special Limited Edition run of 750 decks ONLY. No more will be ever printed.

Experience the luxury of only the best.